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Anti-bribery management

Maintain the company in good faith, public and honest management philosophy, and put an end to any direct or indirect forms of bribery.

  The company prohibits the granting, giving or accepting of any form of bribe, including any discount on the contract sum, or improper benefits to customers, agents, contractors, suppliers and any other member through other access.

  The company prohibits employees from arranging for or accepting bribes or kickbacks from clients, agents, contractors, suppliers and their employees for the benefit of their own individuals, their families, friends, colleagues, or acquaintances.

  The company will abide by the anti-bribery principle and will not pay any bribe in order toobtain faster and more original services (eg, customs clearance / visa obtaining ... etc.) ,even in the event of difficulties.

  No employee should be punished by a company because of refusing to engage in bribery,missing business opportunities, or losing company interests.

  Any relevant anti-bribery case is set up by the anti-bribery group for supervision and review. if the group confirms that the bribe has been established, it shall immediately be dismissed and its legal responsibilities retroactively established.


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